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Heat resistant for cars


Sunny summer day offensive to people using the car as the hot air strikes in the face every time you open the door, space cabin stifling new time. Lower the glass or open always measures or application. Air circulation contribute to reducing cabin heat.


Dedicated fabric covered car

Most of the parking lots in big cities like Hanoi, HCMC or outdoors. Direct sunlight that shines on the car heats up quickly due to the greenhouse effect. Prolonged sun exposure make the interior and the paint quickly depleted. Shade under a tree is always the preferred choice of truck drivers.

However the car park under the trees could well be major problems for the paint if they were unlucky sap or bird droppings fall. The chemical components inside them often cause difficult stains wash tarnished, even layer of jam or destroy "skin" polished.

The optimal solution is to use a dedicated fabric coating. This measure not only heat-resistant but also limit unnecessary curiosity of the uninvited.

Paste heat-resistant film

Use the right cover is always hot effective measures against the stop, but will not be able to use this method when moving on the road. So heat resistant film used.

Heat-resistant film can prevent most ultraviolet rays from sunlight. Reducing a considerable amount of heat radiated through the windshield. To ensure good performance, the use of films with 70% light penetration, contrast levels under 15% for glass mirror driving. Dear slopes should also choose a light penetration from 30-40%. Light transmission is often inversely proportional to the total energy excluded. If too high light transmission efficiency reduces against heat, but if too low will limit the visibility of the driver when changing direction.

Films for windshield with high light penetration, so often have lower resistance to heat some window films for next rib. Therefore no real resistance to high heat when parking in the sun for long. If you are reluctant to use fabric coating, vehicle owners can use the lens hood to reflect sunlight.

Some models are now commonly equipped with sun blinds for the rear window. Lift it up to prevent the heat inside the car with the added privacy.

Leather upholstery

Selecting suitable upholstery, textiles (fabric) generally absorb less heat, skin (upholstery) with rapid cooling time if it absorbs heat from sunlight. Imitation leather synthetic material absorbs heat often, so take time to cool.

Avoid unnecessary items in your car

Solar heat food rapidly decomposes and can cause some damage to electronic equipment. Hence please bring them out of the car if you have to park in the sky longer.

Check the coolant and maintenance of air conditioning

Hot hot summer day, the temperature high external environment hinders the process of heat exchange cooling system, air conditioning. Hence the need to conduct checks and maintenance of these systems early summer so they work effectively.